How to send data from kodular to the api link ? and not the other way around >>>

Just drag the web component to your components and set the url property in your blocks to the api link…Then add the get method after…To get the data you got from the api use when web1 got text…The data will be retrieved in the response content variable…

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explain better??

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You have a url which is your api url…Add the url in the url property in the blocks like this:
blocks (51)
Then you use the get block to get the the response from the api…
component_method (5)
And when the api returns the response this event is triggered if the response is a text:
component_event (7)
And if the response is a file this event will be triggered:
component_event (8)
Sample use :
blocks (52)


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I don’t want to get it from the api link, I want to send it to the api link

Then use the post block instead:
And you need to put the api link in the url as I poste before

If you want to post text use this block:
blocks (53)
If you want to post a file use this block:
blocks (54)
Example use:
See here for a good example use by taifun (see the post block) :

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I can’t post anything on the API link
tried in several ways

You can see the api docs or send us the link of the webpage of the api

this is the api link

So,Do you want to add a value or get the values?

add a value
name ,nickname and phone

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Then use the post block

Can you send me the documentation of the api…As you sent me the json that the api returns…

You got it?

Try using this:
blocks (55)

instead of text blocks can I insert text box blocks ??

Yes you can :+1:

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tank u man

You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:But please test it as i’m not sure it works

did not work!!