How to send mail using extention

When I am using extention I am getting some problem
When I click send button body which I have to send is coming in same line I want every detail should be come in next line.

I don’t know about extension but you can add /n for new line.
And did extension developer somewhere mention to use list i think you can use join block and whenever you need new line then put /n

@Sanvi you should use “/n” between each text box and encode the text

@gopi how to encode the text .
What will be the benefit for encoding?

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@Sanvi which extention are you using?


@Sanvi I don’t know about the extention. But try using “/n” between text boxes if it failed use HTML line break tag between text box.

Ok thanks @gopi

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@Sanvi did you solved this topic problem? If yes mark a solution to that reply

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