How to send "Notifications" using "Push Notification Component"

no llegan los mensajes si la aplicacion esta cerrada…pero su esta en segundo plano si llegan.
Como se soluciona esto?

Tengo entendido que no hay solucion. Makeroid aun no ha dejado activo el servicio de segundo plano

Las notificaciones llevan si la app está cerrada también
Lo que pasa es que no funciona al 100% en Android 8

En mi caso tengo android 6 y 4.4 pero no llega las notificaciones a menos que esten en segundo plano.

Mmm, mira a ver si tienes algún optimizador de recursos q cierre la app, o si usas Xiaomi q esté activado el Autostart

Uso huawei y sony

hurry i got it

hola, sabrian como configurar los bloques dentro de makeroid, para enviar la notificacion a determinado usuario?

You need fix docs.

Hello everyone. I am a teacher in school and i do one apk for my school. i can send notification on my apk. but when i click on notification it are disapper. can i storage all notifications on phone? or can i add one button and when i click on that button can i see all old notifications? Know you about this anythings? and can you help me about tahy blocks? Thanks for all.

You can save all the notifications in a list and store it in TinyDB.


Is nice to hear this really. Thanks. Because is important for us to send notifications to our students. And they will see old notifications to. Can you help me about this blocks my friend? I will try to doing this. But sure i need help to. Thanks for all :pray:

I’M NOT RECEIVING Notifications,

how to do this?

Then if there is a condition that Will alert only when the value in the text box is equal to in the database ?

when I add onesignal id in notifications component,it disappears.Help pls

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What is it?

If you want that when clicking on the notification opens a certain screen, in the option Launch Url put this:





I tried your method, unfortunately it does not work, what could be the error? Did everything as in the screenshot