How to send video in Chat View?

Guys, help me, I need to know how to send a video in the chat, as shown in the WhatsApp image below, with the video thumbnail, I already have the blocks that I send an image, but how do I send the videos too?


When uploaded to Cloudinary, save the link like you did with the Pictures.

When the other user gets the link change the File Format in the Link to .jpg


Show the Thumbnail:

wow but how do i do this in blocks? Sorry, I’m new to kodular

Try it like this:

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Is still not working, in the application the message “click to watch video” comes up, but no video and thumbnail. :pleading_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Are you sure its an mp4 File on your Cloudinary Cloud?
Maybe its something else.

Get a link manually and change the .mp4 to .jpg yourself in the Link to check if its working for you.

now the video image appears, but the video is not playing. the video is like a photo.

Where is your Video Player at? You need to hide the Chat view and show the Video player.

The Video Player Component that you set when Clicked on the Thumbnail.

and if the person is going to leave the video, how do you make the chat appear again?

There is a Block in the Screen Section for the Back Button. There you can hide the Video Player (if it’s visible) and show the Chat view again.