How to set a value for the REG_DATES from the select list items in HTML javascript code

Hello Everybody …
i have problem with setting a value for the REG_DATES in the captured image of my webpage iurl of my webviewer in kodular , i had used an javascript :
"document.getElementById(“REG_DATES”).value = “28-10-2021”;
but it doesn’t work , the value is not set to variable;

how to solve or set the right selection or value from the list option ?

thank you

You can send the HTML file if possible, so I can set up a logic for you.

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Can You Share The HTML File Or Website Url

this is the url of the page

this is the url of the page

WebPage.txt (52.6 KB)

The Link you have provided is not Working

There Are Many Ways To do it

But Try This

document.getElementsByClassName('select2-hidden-accessible')[0].value = '28-10-2021';


document.getElementById(“REG_DATES”)[0].value = “28-10-2021”;

In The Place Of Zero you can use Any no from 1 to 20 set the volue of dates

Note I Have Not Tried it but Just Check that if its works 

Or Else you can send me your Aia 
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thank you , i’ll try it now … the url is working now !

its not working , if there is any way to do a javascript to simulate a click on the combobox to open the list ?
if there a script and i can apply it on the script please share it !

PM me your Aia file or Ais File

Because the website is showing النظام مغلق حاليا “the system is currently closed”