How to set a video as a wallpaper?

hi , i tried wallpaper comp , and tried activity starter


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I think it has to be a gif not mp4 video

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Have you got your answer :relaxed:??

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Not yet , i think there is a way to set video not gif

No Impossible Even in Android Studio You can’t
linux(Android) , Windows, Mac OS dose not support Video format like Mp4 only gif

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@Nader_El-Sayed did you find a way to set MP4 as wallpaper? If so, can you please share it. I’ve been looking for this all over the forum but no luck.

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not yet my friend :frowning:

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do you know a website to download many gif ?

Google It


giphy etc

Convert Mp4 to Gif

You will find many converter in online Just search in Google Mp4 to Gif

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