How To Set Alarm With Activity Starter And Timepicker

I want to set an alarm with an activity starter in my app. So whenever we click that button the alarm app should be opened and the user could set the alarm. The intent - ACTION_SET_TIMER does not seem to work

It would be very helpful if I get the solution to the problem.

Post the blocks you have tried.

Sorry For The late reply

Has Anybody Found The Solution

I do not have a solution using the activity starter, but I can offer my alarm extension for this purpose


How can i set AM PM to alarm ? when i add hours and minutes to alarm… sometimes alarm set to AM and sometime PM.

Instead of using time picker you try to use own custom text boxes for input

not working … alarm set supports only numbers 0 to 24 hours , 00 to 60 minutes

Okay i found another way … thanks for support :grinning: