How to set formatted text in HTML Label

I Have Json Data which I am calling from the web. It Has some text in Formatting such as
“/n” for new-line and “**” for bold.
example Data:

**Sri Jagannath Temple**\n\n* **Location:** Puri, Odisha, India\n* **Main deity:** Lord Jagannath (an incarnation of Vishnu 

I Want to Convert the Text inside “**” to Bold. Can Anyone Please Help?

I’m not sure about ** but you can use replace text block to replace /n to <br>.

Enable html in label and then try to replace characters in text …

The <b> tag must start at the start of bold text and Close using </b> at the end to make the characters bold.

Let me Try once

all of the text is not bold you just checked the bold box in properties :rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Found My Solution, An Extension :

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