How to set tabs in tab layout to arrangements?

I want to set tab to arrangements like in View pager but in viewpager there is no icons so i want that when any tab is clicked in tabs layout it should show arrangement so can anybody tell me how to set tabs in tab layout to arrangements.

Show us what you tried?


There is no option to set tabs to arrangements…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

There is…Add New Tab both with and without icons.

Set each “Add New Tab” for each arrangement. That’s it.

Can you show me how?

Said you. For with icon use third option in you picture and for without icon use second option in your picture.

Take TabLayout in screen. Take a Horizontal Arrangement with set height and width to fill parent. Inside that you import arrangement as much as u need…then use Add New Tab option in the block section for each arrangement during screen initialize. Thats it.

I have tried many times but i couldn’t find solution can you make a try for me?

There is no option for set each tab to particular arrangements

See here: Tab Layout

Hope it might help u.

I have already watched this video he only shows how add or remove tabs not how to add arrangements.

Sorry, I’m not clear what r you asking. Others may help u.

You can not use layouts with tab layout.
To use layout and tabs together use view pager.But there you can not use icons.
There is also an option except these two and that is bottom navigation. You can use bottom navigation to add icons and when any icon/button is clicked then set particular layout visible and others invisible.

Try this YouTube

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