How to set the background image of Horizontal Arrangement to Url

I am trying to set the background image of horizontal arrangement in blocks to url. But its not displayed.
How can I do it?
Thanks in advance

show us what have you tried…


I think I got it.
We can use

and a property


for that
Thanks to all who helped

And sorry, I forgot to put ‘/’ in mqdefault.jpg

Yes , that’s what we told to show blocks. Actually this will work but you didn’t add proper inputs, that’s the problem. Only one / makes your work incomplete. :grin::grin::grin:

I tried (after correcting ‘/’) using the classic way it didnt work…

Try this. To load image as background on horizontal arrangement

And also I see that you want to load thumbnail of a youtube video so you can do this also

You still have a / missing:

Thanks all for the help

I admit

Thanks for help but it didnt work for me

I am using it …

Thanks all for the help

Thats also working, thanks

But this is working for any img url

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