How to set the "got text" to a variable

what i want to do is, i want to get a value from a url and pass it to a variable
this is the value i want to pass to the variable(this value is not final)
and these are my attempts

my final goal is to skip the page if the values meet


this is what i did the latest i tried both of “got text” and “got file” non of them worked the issue might be in the way i used the “get”.
help is much appreciated

and this is the urls view code looks like

------------------ edit------------------------

save responses set the varaible to “false” but not “5” what could be the issue

Why don’t you try like this

blocks - 2022-05-11T163910.468

blocks - 2022-05-11T163847.714

and then use further blocks and logic

thank you but
where can i find that get response block?

Inkedblocks - 2022-05-11T163847.714_LI

The Upper right corner

thanks it worked!

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