How to set the height and width automatic while creating a pdf

while creating a pdf using KIO4 PdfS1 But when i am creating the pdf and setting this block its then the pdf is occurring like this…I am able to open the pdf as well…
test.pdf (63.6 KB)
But when i am setting the height and weight like this then this is happening but can be able to open the pdf in some pc and some pc i am able to open…
teghvfst.pdf (70.8 KB)

in print preview also the full page is not coming in default i have to make it scale to fit…
Can any one please tell me how to solve all of this problem???

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Please can anyone help?

For width: 2.72 x width of screen
For height: 2.36 x height of screen

It will work for you. :slight_smile:


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