How to set when Any Vertical Arrangement is Click

I’m using Dynamic Components on this one. So what I want is whenever I click the Vertical arrangement which is this

I want it to open a new screen Edit Screen and initialize the data from the vertical arrangement.

Also, I tried to do it, and here’s the result…

Here are my blocks and let me know what will I add and remove.

  • I suggest you learn to create dynamic components with the schema block

Could you help me because I only have a tiny knowledge about it.

Have you made the change I suggested?
It worked?

Regarding schema, I leave you a complete guide

Do I have to put the blocks along with Web2.Got Text or in the Any Vertical Arrangement.Click?

As you have it, just change the block indicated in the image and test if it works

I can’t change the block indicated in the image to a schema. Also, I’m confuse on what to put in the parameters section.

Apparently, you haven’t changed what I told you.

About using schema. It was a separate suggestion, it is something that you must learn by following the indicated tutorial

I just realized that I put the wrong block. Thank you. I didn’t notice it.

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