How To Setup Local Time Zone

Please help the experts. I will set a time in the Firebase database that will show the local time of my country as the country of my users. I do not understand how I will do this work. Please help me.

You can use this site for that:

You could filter the time from the html on initialize and make a own clock with the clock component in your app…

I have tested this a year ago and it works, but I don’t have the aia anymore…

for example:

string: (HTML TEXT)
start:"<div id="country_time"><span class="time clock">"
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Thank you so much for your cooperation. If you give me an AIA file then I will understand a little better and I will be very grateful to you. Thank you

i want Date from same . suggest any way
thanks in advance

You must do the same, but look at first to the HTML text and find the date

unfortunately there is no date on this website

There is a date

<div id="tz_time">
        <h3>Current local time:</h3>
        <div id="city_time"><span class="time clock">07:49:15pm</span></div>
        <div id="city_date"><span class="weekday">Monday</span>,&nbsp;<span class="date">24.09.2018</span></div>

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Problem solved

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