How to share asset file?

i want to share .APK asset file From App
i want to create share button in app. when click share button i want to show all available sources to share.

i have tried this blocks but showing error 2001:the File file://Splash.png could not be found on your device.


You can’t do it this way.
First you have to copy your file to internal device memory.
More info here -->

Of course you don’t have to use extensions if functions built-in in makeroid allows you to do the same things as in links I provided.



i have tried like this but not working
i have uploded asset file in assets.

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try to set path in input -->

output path -->

in sharing part it looks fine -->

For copying I use Taifun extension and it’s working as above.


i have tried this blocks as you said but not working.
when clicked on share button Showing error file:///mnt/sdcard/MyApp/icon.png could not be found on your device
i have tested it on device by instaling.
i think share block working well but copy blocks are wrong please correct me.


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Dunno, maybe there is something wrong with file component. Try to use Taifun extension

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You right there is problem in that Copy Component.
Thanks for Correcting me.

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