How To Share Multiple images

Do you set sender number in blocks

i dont know how to do that ,can you pls show me blocks
it will be very help full for me, thank you

Texting Component Is for SMS MSG not for WhatsApp Msg

send multiple file block He is using Texting component In which We Cannot Send Images (SMS)

He Asking about SMS not WhatsApp SMS

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@Enderman this?

Sorry Did not Read Fully

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bhai its not working too :slightly_frowning_face:

use sendertools instead sharing tools i mentioned sender tools you used sharing tools also you need to put full path it cant take image from asset

bhai, still showing in whatapp that this file formate is not supported
here is the aia file pls help
nice.aia (132.6 KB)

post it in the extension topic maybe developer will help you

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do anyone know how to do this
i also have share a aia file above

i don’t think it is possible :thinking:
i also tried to share multiple images at once but there is no solution as far as i know : )

You must set the full absolute path:

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This user has asked the same question in the AI2 forum here.

Before helping them it’s best for them to commit to one builder.

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yes i have asked this same question to mit just bc of no one is helping me in this problem scene 3 days. thats why i went to that community
and if you check my mit ac that you will know that exact date of opening.
i have to submit this applacation before monday so thats why iam in a bit hurry please understand my situation

Now you have the solution:

And this doesn’t work - not only why there is no full path and there are spelling mistakes (“assest”, should be “assets”) - but because you can’t share files from the assets.

Also this would only work with Companion.


yes i know for that companion.
and thank u soo much for your kind support.
these means a lot to me

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