How to short data in phpmyadmin

I have an date column in my database. Now i want to short by date. (dd:mm:year)
I am new with mysql.& trying to short like airtable.

This can help you:

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I should use this in querry or where.i am new in mysql. So plz guide me

str_to_date(date, '%e/%m/%Y' )

In which format have you saved date?In string or date.

Date (01-10-2020).
I want sort data by latest date will be top

Let me test it.

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I ran this query in my MySQL database:

 SELECT * FROM `Comments` ORDER BY Timestamp DESC

where Timestamp is millis version of date time.
So you can try this with yours.
If it does not work then you can try converting date time to timestamp.


You mean i nead to store time in millis

You can try.

Or just convert the date to milisec by using strtotime() and then use order by date column in asc or desc.

I can save time & date in millis now say me how can use that.i didn’t find order by option in phpadmin panel

Just run query and see what happens.

Which querry should I this

Run this query:

I need to change anything on this querry according to my database

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All data fields in MySQL are string based. So, if you have in your table a column DATE format, this query must run for you:

SELECT * from <yourtable> ORDER BY <yourdatacolumn> DESC;

Nothing more than this.

Or if you want a formatted column, you must use this:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(<yourdatacolumn>,’%d:%m:%Y’) AS DataFormated from <yourtable> ORDER BY <yourdatacolumn> DESC;


I have an column in millis format of date. Which querry should i use. & it will be dec other column also according this column.i need this

I tryied this.but showing an error

Error was

& my database was

That error is not because of query or there is not anything wrong in database.
Error message clearly shows that data is fetched but further blocks (maybe length of list) are causing that error.

My lost length is only 5