How to show a message or hide the undefined error if json is empty

how to show a message or hide the undefined error if json is empty

Try to use when screen1 error occurred

Block example please :sweat_smile:

But I feel this run time error is not because of empty results.

Any try tobuse this

Here use if then block

If error message contain text run time error
Then use notifier to alert user with custom dialog

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He told you to use the block when Screen error occurred…
Screen is a component and **when Error Occurred" is a event ( yellow blocks )

And Here

Here is the Kodular documentation.
It is a GREAT source of consultation and learning.

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I found the component that is giving an error. but when there’s nothing in json it gets an error

Are you sure the cause of the error is this block?
Have you already tested it, check if the key value is empty ?

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In the json api it’s empty, I want if there’s nothing in json it doesn’t show errors

Use the Error Occurred Block that Rogerio is mentioning.
Only put it in your Screen and leave it empty.

I found a solution, thanks to everyone who helped me

Can you share with us your solution…?

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I just changed “not found” to “create empty dictionary”

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