How to show ads even users user using ads block

Dear, Developers.I want to know something about how to show ads even the users block showing ads inside my app.I found some app that have ability to show ads even users using ads they show ads even the ads is block by using ads block app or in other way to block ads.

Might be block your app if VPN is activated by user. bcz this ads block app activate user’s VPN

use Device Utilities. it may work

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I Think You are talking about app modifiers like lucky patcher and all
So for that, Let me let you that they just currput the ad receiver and make ad receiver think like device is offline. But by lucky patcher only google ads are disabled and not other (like applovin,etc). But if you still wanna use google ads, Google is your friend. There are a lot of ways. Just search for “How to prevent my application from lucky patcher”,…
Hope it helps…

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I made an app and put ads inside it but some users block my showing ads by using there own technic.
I want to know how to prevent from those ads block.

I found some app that have ability to show ads even I had block there ads… how they do it.

If a user wants to block ads then perhaps you should respect their decision.


Yes, @deanart2012 is right… and adding to it : give user a premium account option for disabling ads…
and Let me make me make it clear that There is no 100% working method to prevent user from blocking ads…

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@deanart2012 yes broo, I respect it but I just only want to know how its working even ads is block.
For example,In MX player I used ads block to stop showing ads even though there ads are showing.
How they did it?

Well, there are different ways of achieving that I can’t say which one they are using but let me give u an example:
Let say u r using an ad blocker which blocks the request posted by google admob sdk. But think of it, if your app (like which one you said mx player) are not calling admob sdk for knowing if an ad is available… for instance let say if they are using another third party script inbetween you and admob like : User ← → (script) ← → Admob. And your ad blocker can’t find it as it is looking for request of admob ads not that third party script which inderectly works as an ad provider only…
Hope it adds some value to your knowledge…

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@Technical_Zone thanks broo.

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Always there to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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