how to show circular progress when loading a radio stream

how to show circular progress when loading a radio stream…There is streaming that takes longer than others to load and I would like to put an indicator that is loading, thanks for your help

I suggest search in the community first, please !!!
Found this topic take me 10 seconds


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First of all, I explain to you that English is not my language, so it is more difficult to understand it.
Second, I had already seen those post, so I made mine since those are not what I am looking to do. from what I understood of those is to use an extension and I am talking about using the circular progress that is already incorporated in kodular or custom progress.
In the user menu there are the options, what I am looking for is that when a streaming is loading or it takes time to start playing, this circle appears showing that it is working, and when it starts to play it is hidden.

You, have your answer.

On initialize or click event show circular progress dialog with a message while stream is loading, once it is loaded dismiss progress dialog and play stream.

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First, you don’t say what component are used to play ?
Second I answered your question - READ YOUR QUESTION !!!
Third I’m not guesser. Search in the component you used if have any options to detect the player is playing to set circular progress to hide !!!
Last, I’m only try to help you. Good luck !!!