How to show data from firebase to list view

i want to show data in list view but i dont know,
i tried many times but always error
can anyone help this

What is the error and what have you tried?

and this is a new data firebase

See those little :x: mark in set global data ? When screen initialize you have to set global data to an empty list

the set global data have fixed but the list view didnt fix

still dont show the data

is this normal value in firebase?

in antoher value what i see in a video, its not look like this.
i have 4 value

Do not open repeated topics with the same thing, add information to your initial publication.

Whether it is normal or not will depend on how you structure your data, if it corresponds to what you want to do then it is normal for you.

sorry i just wanna ask, in my opinion its not normal for me, but i want to know what happpening in my db.
when i first create db the value its normal to the other, and then when i create another db the value its not normal, i just want to know how to fix the problem because i think it affects to my kodular block. previously my block to show data it work, and then when i add block list and index my block to show data blank, and i think the value in my db is not normal, and i want to fix that