How to show data in list view through mysql

Plzz someone help in the block part of data listing in simple list view through myaql database with single column…the data is getting listed in one row only

This can be useful

MySql data is column view means in table format.
So you have to first convert it to a list using block list from csv table text
And remember the first item will be name of columns so you have to run for each number loop by taking from=2

But the problem is in the list view the items are coming with brackets ex-(item1) in this format…but if we are using the collin tree list view its displaying correctly

Lists are in brackets.
For example a list

  • a
  • b

But when you will convert it to string it will be like this:
(a b)

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use the split block to split the one column csv table by \n (new line) to get a simple list

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