How to show HTML file in App?

How to show HTML file in App? Using web viewer HTML file not showing. So how to to show HTML File?

How are you trying? Tell us



In this way, I like to show the HTML file on Appybuilder.

Before you type Html elemetnts like this:

First you have to type data:text/html, and start the Html coding in webviewer

Or else you are using web.html file then then you sould give source like file:///android_asset/web.html for webviewer Which will not work in companion mode but works correctly in compiled apk


companion mode means?

Companion mode means if you are live testing the app it wont work but if you compile the apk it will work

(Note: companion mode not only work in case where you upload your .html file in assets and give the path to the html file like file:///android_asset/something.html)

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I am looking at installing apk file in mobile, HTML file is not showing. I can give you an AIA file.

Ya sure provide me the aia

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