How to show image when i click button

hello guys, i need help about this topic

i try to make a button and make another screen, in this another screen i put a photo, the probelm its when click button and go to another screen, its not show the photo, how to show the photo?

Can you please provide the project file (.aia) or at least screenshots of it so we can see what’s the issue.

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You Can Try This


ok here i in the blocks i make that when the other screen initialize , the photo will show

when i run the app the image its not shown

I see…

just make sure that you have selected the image you want from the Designer tab and delete the screen initialization block and you should be set

and the correct way to do it is like this if you needed it in the future


If it’s an image from your database, you can save the image in TinyDB & use that across all the screens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or if it’s an asset image, just call it again on screen start.


thank you , but its not work

thank you , but i think i need something more simple

you’re just using the wrong block change the block
Set image1 . Picture to true

And but
Set image1 . Visible to true



Hope it helps.