How to show in horizontal

How to show this button in horizontal like all components is dynamic components

Use horizontal scroll arrangement

Plese check this I have need 3 button in artical down side we have no need all components in horizontal I have a need only 3 button in horizontal

show us what you have tried…

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In this image have a all button in vertical but we have a need horizontal like you see in image

Like this type 1 2 3

That’s what Gowri has said, to use Horizontal Arrangement.
Create horizontal arrangement on the cardView , set its height and width as necessary and create three buttons in that horizontal arrangement.
If you are willing for more help, then you have to show the blocks.

Maim I also try this logick but not helpful

That’s what i said,

Check this block

Why won’t you use dynamic components by @yusufcihan ?

Please send me link

See here

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A simple example


Please show me this code block

Already did in above post :slight_smile: