How to show interstitial ads after every x minutes

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First of all Your App will not be Aproved Because you cannot show Ads on screen if only using Webviewer.

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I also have pre approved similar app in playstore and i have seen so many others as well. then how can you say it will not be approved?

Can You Give Link To Any Of them.

You can only show interstitial ad between two activities in your app. thats the proper way of doing it. poping an ad is against admob policies. you have to find some other way

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I only see webviever and ads on your screen.
What type of app is yours
Is website you are showing is yours.

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That’s a lot of ads. There are more ad components in your designer than other components.

i hope you make 1000$/day. keep going. until you get your account suspended


Yeah, i make 100 dollars in 365 days, if you need proof, i can give. In order to reduce this time by few months, i am asking such question.

@Neeraj_Kumar we usually don’t approve apps that are mere wrappers for websites.

You might want to place AdSense ads in your website instead.


you are right. It looks like some kind of earning app which will get suspended after a while.

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@Neeraj_Kumar didn’t answer this.
Is this your website you are displaying.