How to show list?

Hi and happy new year for 2024,

I have a list of list and i want show this list.

I know that there is a listview to see this list but if we want to show it with a return for each sublist, I have to create a new list like this (this is just an example):


Is there a way to process this list in another way? knowing that on this one I add and/or delete items with listutilz.
Please explain how to do?


Show us an example of your data and the result you like to have

What about using a table fornat?


Thank you Taifun

My data comes from Firebase but I already have the blocks to retrieve this data in list form.
The display would look like this:

Pipette P100


All this in a listview (or something else).
Here is a screenshot of the interface:

My list from firebase is filtered then displayed to the left of the gray square.
I scan the barcode and my program must delete the name displayed in the list on the left and add the product to the list under the green arrow.
I’m just looking for an extension or a simple way to avoid making lists that I use for display (see my 1st post) and another list to delete the scanned product. At the end the list at the bottom of the green arrow is sent to firebase to be saved.

So You Are Basically trying to say that there is a list “products” and it contains information stored in a list let’s say “name, code, category” and it displays on the left of the gray square. the barcode scans the product and removes the product from the firebase and adds it to the list below arrow. i hope I understood your procedure correctly

In fact the product is just deleted from the list not from Firebase.

At the end the final list is saved in a tag in my database under another name. But yes, it’s a bit close to that.

But I think I figured out how to do it. I’m working on it at the moment and will post my idea later.

That’s great all the best

Here is my idea to display a list with a format from a raw list as in my case.
I don’t know if this will work because I can’t test it right away.

In this procedure, I reset my display list to zero and I recover the raw data from the filtered list (which will subsequently be modified after the scan)
For the display I only want certain indexes (1,2 and 4)

Above, the code with my procedure in it then the listview to see the display list created

Looks Good. It seams everything should work. I had a little hard time understanding the blocks but eventually got what you are trying to do.

You are the best.
Sorry as I am French my blocks are in French.
Here is what follows which may complicate my procedure.
In this block, I add the products to my start list and I remove the product from my list of filter products.

Thanks for the explanation. I have understood the Code. If you have Found your Solution then mark the specific message as solution so that the topic Closes

OK before i test my code and if it’s ok i close the topic

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I tested my procedure. But it doesn’t work.
The inputs are not considered as a list but more as a text value, at least I think.

Can you help me? the list display procedure saves me time and code.

thank you

If you can, I suggest you to share the Aia or PM me so I can look into it to help you