How to show microsoft word file in kodular

I am making a study app .where i will upload study material of various subjects topics … I want to show all dynamically …I am using airtable spreadsheet for it … now my problem is How to show study material file …with images that i will make and upload to spreadsheet or other similar way …

Pdf file mean you can download it by using download block , but soon sdk 30 version updated mean reading file from android version above 10 will be difficult it seems. So better save the pdf file in gdrive and open the pdf using web viewer. It will be convenient and i am following the same still in my school app

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I think showing pdf using Google drive …makes our pdf downloadable to anyone …I want nobody download my pdf or any other file that shows my study material … Any other idea

No, you can set users to unable to download it… also you can use default screenshot block to not to take screenshot even

Very Simple Way i uses for me

Convert PDF to JPG
Show Images as your need.

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