How to show or remove a specific part of a website and and show the rest of the website?

Lets say this is a web site and i want to remove


Now i want to remove this part and show the rest


is it possible to do so? if yes can any one please help me?

I will be extracting data from source code:

Please if anyone can help please help.

Do you have permission to do that from the website owners? I unlist this until this is clear.

this is just an example of an website but I have a different website where I have permission to use as i like but they wont provide me an api access.Thats why i want to use it like this.

its a request please list it so that some one can help me

So you don’t have permission to do that to this website. And don’t double post in another community.

can any one please help me or help me start how i can do this?

If you are going to use WebView component to display the content, I suggest that you study the source code and identify query selectors in the area that you want to hide and the ones that you want to show. The selectors can be a class name, element ID or any other attribute.

Then load the URL to the WebView to show the website and use the evaluate JavaScript block of the WebView component to run a JavaScript function that will hide the elements based on their query selectors.

I am assuming that since you are working with HTML, you also understand JavaScript.

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hi can anyone please help me?

Please provide some proof so probably someone can help…
Also to get help, why not revealing the webpage you need help with?


I have messaged you the proof personally. I have already provided proof to @Peter that’s why he listed it again.

Hi @Sandhya_Halder, There are a few different ways to achieve this.
1- Use javascript to remove those elements which you don’t want to show.
2- Use javascript to inject css to hide those elements.
3- Scrap and manipulate the page on a different server and serve it to your webview.
and so on.

Thank you
Probably you can use this as a start


i dont know java script thats why i am asking help from you. can you please help me?

Thankyou very much

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