How to show photo returned from my database?

Hello. I searched the Forum and did not find what I’m looking for. I want to show the photo of the student in the application. In my database, I record the image address in the “PHOTO” field ex: “// images / Jhon Inser.tif”. I make a select sql that returns me this field “PHOTO” but I do not know which component of KODULAR to use. I only tried PICTURE.

You can use Image Component.

Image1.SetPictureTo.Your Image URL

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Thank you, this is the property I will use. Now, I have to study how to get the “PHOTO” field only once. Explaining: Select Sql returns 1 or many rows from the database. Each line has several fields and one of these fields is the “photo” field. The other fields are shown within a LISTVIEW as they should be shown. However, the PHOTO field only needs to be shown once because it is the student’s photo.

Resolved : With this loop, I get only the value of a field.

I am glad, your issue was resolved.

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