How to show related video below the main video player

I am using airtable to store my video ID. now, i want to show related videos below the main video player in play screen from the same category. Is there any way to do this?

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don’t know much about blocks . can you help me?

Show what you have tried.

i tried to call the spreadsheet but don’t know how to call the same category

here is the block image

Why not use category name as Table Name?

can i pm you for this topic?

here is my airtable base

when video started get category if category = tech then load tech videos

can i pm you?

It’s upto you

bhai pm korbo?

my answer is that. how & what you want to show in relevent video & according set your logic accroding to what you want

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What can I say it’s my mistake ,:expressionless:

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you haven’t send me the aia buddy . still waiting for it

Here try this apk if this is working fine then i will share aia file also
Related_Video.apk (5.5 MB)

Here is the aia file for others and @Sakibur_Rahman
Related_Video.aia (39.6 KB)
Mark solution :+1:

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