How to show single image from airtable in kodular?

Please help me with the blocks:-

I want to call a single image from airtable(spreadsheet) in kodular.

I want to show the image in IMAGE Component.

Please Note :-

  1. I don’t want to use “list view component”.

Please share what blocks should i use for this.

You can use get cell of airtable component and use the value.

I tried everything can you please share a screenshot of blocks ?


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PM me what have you tried and if it is the solution, tick solution.

No it didn’t worked

Show what have you tried. If you fee incomfortable to show in public, you can message me too. @9015deepak

show your structure to artable. did you insert the key and id?

Exactly ? What is stocate in airtable ?
Is it the b64 format ? Is it the binary format ? Other ?
What this Block need ?

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It is better to create a new topic with your problem , assuming that you have searched community prior, so that other users with same problem might benefit

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i have posted please help

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