How to show some duplicate row values in list view or dynamic card view only

I want to show only one class of information in my app at a time but I can’t do that. Help

For example, suppose my user is in 8th or 9th class and if he wants to know about the same class, he should see the row of the class he has chosen in the Airtabel column in Listview or Dynamic CardView. Row of any other class should not appear.

Use get row with row number equals the name of the class eg:6th and display the values in list

You are getting the name of the classes only and not the data of the class

I am create Open source exams paper test app any user save data in column 1 ( Class ) But when user call data in your standard class then show this class

Just one question…Do you store your data manually in spreadsheets … Or you store it with blocks?

Try this way

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I collect my data from my mobile app. I do not use airtable website or airtable app for this. But I submit the data only in the airtable.

Used Google translator

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Do you want to view all the data of the rows that its class is 9th for example?Then use this:

not showing accurate row data in button click or Label2 & Label3 text correct row value
Column2 name my username is USER004 and his user is 8th class but my app showing his user name in 4th dynamic label AND when button click data open in airtabel regular database not only by selected class

Then you want if user = USER004 and his user is 8th class,Then it shows his data?Like subject and Test paper?

No, I mean, when== I choose a particular class, I want to show all the data of that class on the screen.== And every time I click on the button, I should download the complete information of the row in the selected column.

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Then you want when you click on the button of 9th class it gets all the rows that the class of it is equal 9th

yes, first showing dynamic cardview label test and when click button show only selected button row’s only not showing all 9th class row data in at one time only show button click get row find row number and show the data

Try this:

Not showing Cardview in after this block

You are adding them wrong
Use for each number from one to length of list Global Names Not Name
Then set dynamic label 1 . text…to Select list item…list :Subject Index:Number

can you send aia file please

Then please can you send me first an aia of your dynamic card view block so i can edited…As it’s not easy to recreate them…

this aia file please recreate screen TRY

Student_Paper.aia (221.1 KB)

Try this:
Student_Paper (1).aia (221.5 KB)