How to show Splash screen in screen1and show interstirial ad

I have only one screen in my app.and i want to show splash screen first.
When user open my app i want to show them my splash screen(image)and 1interstitial ad and main menu of screen1.Is this good way to show interstitial ad?
How to do that?

First make yourself clear.
Your title differs from the query, mentioned in your content.

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Use timer like this


I want to show interstitial ad after splash screen.
I mean when screen 1 initialize splash image appear and then 1interstitial ad.after interstitial ad main screen appear which has different buttons to go to different contents.
Is this is good way to show interstitial ad?

My suggestion would be a big NO. Just think about it keeping yourself in user’s place.
An useless ad, targeted straight away on the user’s device when he/she has just lauched the app??
A direct Un-install would be choice of many users, I think, if you do so.
Further, I leave it up to you.


than use this but why you need ad after the install and get 1st ad and after your content


Thanx for suggestion.
i want one more suggestion.
I have made 21 screens using vertical arrangement in my app(language learning app)and main screen has 21 buttons to open each screen.can i use when button 1 click show interstitial ad and open vertical arrangement 1.Is this good practice to show 1 interstitial ad for each screen? This way my app has 21 interstitial ads.
If this is not a good way to show ad which is best way to show interstitial ads?please kindly suggest me

Are you kidding me 21 industrial ads :astonished::confused::grimacing:

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How can i show interstitial ad in this type of app which has 21 screens.and how many interstitial ads can i show in a single app?

Only 2-3 industrial ad if you add more ads and peoples will be get accidentally click so admob will be disabled your account

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Only 1 interstitial is enough

21 video ads are you crazy. i hope they ban you ip and you account and delete you developer account.

Yeah goodway it will but only show maximum 10 Ads per session as you have so many ads just use a good logic to load ad and all.

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