How to show update in schema template

how to show update in schema template. i want to update or change schema template with different condition… one condition is delete old list in schema . and create new list . guide please

here is 3 block picture

blocks (2)

1st list

After update 2nd list continue down of 1st list . i want to remove 1st list

Without showing any blocks, how would we be able to help? We don’t even now how you fill your lists with data.

That’s why I gave you the link to the topic “how to ask a question”. Did you read it?

these blocks are use for list . please check it again . i am using mysql database

after selecting branch . list will show branchwise . only have one problem after create 1st list 2nd list will make down of 1st list . i want to remove 1st list before making 2nd list

Never used it, but it seems you are only adding to the list. Where do you start with a new list when new data comes in?

these blocks are getting data from mysql .

blocks (2)

thses block making list with condition . automatic when we will go dashboard

No need to paste the same images again. I asked where do you start with an empty list or make the list empty again before filling it with new data. That is what you want to do I understand.

Its created with schema template. i am not used any list components .

every List created with this condition.