How To Shuffle CardsView In Any App

I am working on a App in Kodular since last two weeks.
In my App user can Play Games without downloading them (Flash Games).

For User Interface i designed a Grid using components like Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement, Horizontal_Arrangement and Card_Views. I also included Web_Viewer to display Games.
When a User clicks on a GameCard they are directed to Game Website in Web_Viewer.

My Problem is that the GameCards are Fixed on their places.
I want that whenever a User opens the App all the GameCards get ShuffledUp Randomly.
This will make user come across Different Games everytime he enters the App and not to the same Old Games on Top.

Can anyone tell me how to do so.
That would be a Great Help.

Is horizontal arrangements inside card have background image as game option??

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i would also like to know this


Yes i used Horizontal_Arrangements to add Image to Card_View.
But they are not set to Clickable, Card_View is set to Full Clickable.

set horizontal arrangement clickable to true…
turn full clickable to false…
and on every screen initialization just shuffle the background image…(can be done using blocks.)

and on horizontal clicked proceed the blocks according to background image…

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OK i got it but can you also tell how to shuffle Images in Horizontal_Arrangement.
I checked this out but i have few Doubts:

And also can i go with Image component instead of Horizontal_Arrangement.

wait sending blocks…

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now from above block ShuffledImgLIst has shuffled image list…
and suppose there are 6 horizontal arrangements…
so now Background Image for
HorizontalArrangement1 will be 1st item of ShuffledImgLIst…
HorizontalArrangement2 will be 2nd item of ShuffledImgLIst…
and so on…


Nik, this will do part of my job.
It will Shuffle the Images of Horizontal_Arrangement/Card_View/Image Component.

But the URL will stay connected to the respective Horizontal_Arrangement/card_view.

This will lead to this Problem -
Assume that the
Screen Initialised with images shuffled.
User Clicks on An Image assume of “Bubble Shooter Arcade”, which after shuffling is in H6 (Horizontal_Arrangement6).
But the game wich will load will be “Down The Hill”, because the Block/Horizontal_Arrangement is connected to URL of “Down The Hill” Game.

So, i need a way to Connect Image To URl. Not Horizontal_Arrangement to URL.
So, even if the Images are Shuffled they will open correct Game on clicking.!

Are you allowed to use those games in your app? Are you going to serve ads with them? If yes changes are that your app will not be approved to serve ads by the developers.


so also create list of url’s and shuffle it but with respect to index of image shuffling

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Yes i am 100% authorised to use those games in my App.
And my App is not for serving Ads, i only used Banner Ads on bottom of the screen that too only in Portrait mode games.


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