How to sign in to webview using firebase sign in credential

i made an app in which i am using firebase authentication google signin method. Now i want to sign in in webviewer using same credential in background. Is it possible in default webviewer or with any extension.

Hi @sumit, welcome to the community!
You can try this:

You will know how to fill a form with or sign in.But you will need it to be your own website.

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Are you asking the Google credentials from the user ??

i mentioned in my question that i want to login on using app credential…if you have any solution then reply me with blocks

Try this:

actually i have their credential in firebase authentication and using that i want to login

You can also see this:

Welcome @sumit
You can use custom webview extension and use the set cookies block to login users using the creditenals.

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I have zero knowledge in coding and i am making my first app so please tell me in details how to use that component string…

Same here, I also don’t know how to use it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Contact vknow360 he will help you.