How to sign kodular app to show ads

Hello friend please I want to know how to sign app inorder to show ads

I dont know what you mean?!

I build apps on kondular but they don’t show ads despite all that the block are correct please any solution?

The same problem I have known solution is too late I should not agree to sign Google on the store I think

You asked how to sign…
You dont need to do sign anything…
All you need is a account for the ad component you want to use…

What do you guys all mean with sign?!?

Can nobody write normal question? :rofl:

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My ads are not showing any solution pls?

And you think I know a solution but you did not show what you did?

I think this sign from Google is stopping advertisements​:grin::joy:

It’s called “Google Play App Signing”.

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And why do you guys want to sign a app if google does this automatic for you?

You guys dont need to sign anything…

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Is this a signature that stops Facebook ads

With every signed app by Google >> we, Kodular, earn 100.000.000. $

Thats it…


It should be no difference if the app is signed or not.


It’s just sad that we live in a world where you have to mention that to (hopefully) prevent outrage.