How to smooth keyboard animation?

Hi, I was wondering how I can remove the white “flash” that occurs whenever the keyboard goes up or down.
Note that it is very evident when the background has some color.



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Did you search in our community regarding the same issue ?If no, pls look at here

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Yes, I researched the community before creating the topic.
Note that the image was a frame of the video and not the final result. So my question is different from the one in the topic you mentioned.

What I want to know is if it’s possible to make the keyboard rise smoothly. It doesn’t look like there’s a white-backed arrangement behind it.

Notice the difference in the keyboard of this video with what I posted above.

Reminiscent of this thread, unfortunately there is no easy way to do it except modify the manifest file…

First try apk from post 9 then uninstall and install apk from post 11 to see if this is the effect you ware looking for…