White space problem on keyboard

I’m trying to create a project, but the keyboard also has a white space problem. How can I handle this? I can send aia file if you want

cant understand your problem please elaborate a little more (what you exactly want?)

When I press a text box and the keyboard is opened, a white space appears at the top of the keyboard. I don’t understand why this happened and how can I solve this problem?

can you share your block or aia if possible
and what about the second image??

DanismanEczacim.aia (1.9 MB)

Problem in Screen13

The second image is located in the display 4 text box. And when working with this text box, there is no space left on the resulting keyboard

Because you use the old method of sizing (fixed), it can cause many different bugs in scaling.

But for your issue, remove status bar on screen13



That hurt me physically.


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