White line error

I have got an design error, a white line error, a when another screen close then this white line appears.

Maybe it is because of you just added a while line to the designer before?

no i havent added any line I think it slips upward, because every layout has black colour or image, so there is no chance for such white line

What are your designer components at the bottom? Have not you added some space? Do you switch screens correctly?

not added space at bottom, switching screen is like if true then close screen and open another screen.

Can you make a demo.aia that replicates this behavior

I will Provide aia wait a while

kabddi.apk (5.2 MB) kabddi (1).aia (316.4 KB)
here I attached the sample aia and apk first try apk to got actual error

Fixed sizing is outdated functionality, use responsive sizing


Finally got solution, in my next screen status bar visibility are off, thats why closing screen this error got…
also thanks for this suggestion of responsive sizing this also worked…

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If you had searched in the community then you would have found something like this and many more threads


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