How to solve run time error

Hey i am making application which has tow screens. In the first screen i have button1 when it is clicked a progress dialog shown (as shown in below image) and a value from tiny web db starts getting.

When tiny web db got value it will show the got value in a label and progress dialog is dismissed. After there is another button2 when it is clicked a another screen is opened called screen2. Then when the user back press on screen2 the screen2 closes and user gets back to first screen, I have used the “Close screen block” to close screen2 and getting back to first screen as shown in below image:point_down::point_down::point_down:

Then getting back from screen2 to first screen again if i click button1 to get value then it shows this error as shown in below image:point_down::point_down::point_down:

I think by using “close screen block” to get from screen2 to first screen is causing error in progress dialog to show and that’s why it shows run time error.

i hope i explain everything clearly.

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How do you switch screens?

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you are not switching between screens correctly, try this,

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Yes I have tried this method. but, using this when the screen1 opens correctly but, everything or function starts again from the starting point but don't want this to happen i want to keep all function at that same point when coming back from screen2

how do you go back? any screenshot of your relevant blocks?
see also The recommended method of switching screens


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