Unfortunately App has Stopped

When I tried To Open Another Screen it get crashed


I am Buiding Two Apps Simultaneously , in one app it working without crash , But In my second App ( With Same Blocks ) it didnt working

I Searched in Community but i didnt got answer

please help me , iam on an urgent project…

Make sure to set timer enabled to false before you are opening screen

Secondly, how do you switch screens


This is my First screen and timer enabled to false initially

the same thing working properly in my second app

You are creating an infinite loop because the timer always fires.
You will have to


Thanks For Reply

i setted up like this :point_up_2:

i think it is a bug in kodular

Check the name of 2nd screen = secondscreen. If you don’t change the name when created it: name = Screen2

It looks like the first screen is a splash screen.

In timer block you have to set timer enabled to false and this is not the right way to switch screen, you have to close the current screen before getting into another otherwise you may get runtime errors.


in tag secondscreen
And check what @bestprintsf said

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Your example is fine, but don’t work for the user !!!
seconscreen ≠ secondscreen
The name of screen to open need to be exact or don’t work …

@Fazil_Creation can i ask why you use “call Tiny_DB1.Get Value”. If you get the value and go to another screen ???

After do some test i found two problems !!!
1 Open another Screen … " Screen name "
2 Used Tiny DB. Get Value to open another screen

How to solve this ?.. Look…
on Screen1 = Name of screen 1

on Secondscreen = Name of screen 2

I hope this help you

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Why? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I mentioned that also…

Yes this doesn’t work for the user if

But if he didn’t switch screen in right way, he could get possible runtime errors

Maybe that if the user is opening the app for the first time and the tag is not created yet then goto screen phonecopy :blush:

OK… but don’t compared with any value for the first time ??

Look this

Screen to open not is Secondscreen is phonecopy …

If you open a screen that does not exist … you will have the error and the app will stop.

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