How to solve something went wrong in project compile in view log showing me firebase component found

Please solve this problem kodular

Welcome to the community. Kodular is not responsible for this error. Have you uploaded to assets google-services.json ?

please reply

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yes i have uploaded

yes i have uploaded

Check for missing firebase url in json

yes i have uploaded to asset

Please Show Your Build Log and Asset and the Extension Present in It

there are everythign

Also be sure that json is not in the form of google-services(1).json or similar

If you wish post your aia to check it

ok i am showing

see this file

Rename google-services(3).json to google-services.json

hown to rename

jason name is google-service (3).json

Delete from project. Make somewhere in you pc a new folder - paste there google-services(3).json - rename it to google-services.json - upload it to assets

how to rename

Renaming The File is Easy

Download It
Open Windows File Explorer
Move the Json File to C://
Right Click It
Click on rename
Edit it to google-services.json


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