How to solve this deeplink problem

Hii everyone please help
How to show this problem I am use web view browser

Use custom webview with deeplinks enabled

What is wrong in this block

Like my application is closed

Custom WebView isn’t properly configured, see

Search in comunnity

Boss no have in community

It took me less than one second to find

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Please check in this block what is wrong

Did you try the given aia to see how it works?

I tested with companion loads fine. If your app crash check Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components


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Same problem

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Post a test aia here to show your problem

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Jobchoice.aia (711.0 KB)
Check this aia

Jobchoice_1.aia (711.0 KB)

Boss you did check or no
If you will check then what is problem

Does it work for you ?

No work boss

in this case use logcat to find out more about the issue and post the logcat result here

PS: please refrain from using names like boss, br0 etc… the name of Dora is Dora… so just use Dora… it’s simple, isn’t it?


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Please you can help why close my app when I will use custom webview

Of course, @dora_paz’s aia works. There is no issue.
Device name & Android versions?

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