How to sort a list according to ID

How can I arrange a list according to its id?
for example I have the list of all categories with their identification. if I click on the category with the id 1

You would have to access the list of all products and only obtain the products with the same id that would be 1

and this is how the list created in the app would look like.

Basically I want to put together a list with all the products that have the same id.

Please Help.

For the first query use this extn,

Bubble sort the ID, then by using index is in the list you can order the categories as per ID

Then by using this method, you can sort the products as per the category id choosen

You can fetch the column with filter with this extension… You don’t need to filter the data in app as Airtable already provide filters.

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thank you very much i will try