How to speed up loading images from airtable

I made a wallpaper application and the pictures were taken from the airtable but when opening the application it always takes a long time and a stable internet connection then how do I make the image load quickly at the beginning and will only download HD images when one of the images wants to be made wallpapers?

do i need to compress the image?,f_auto/[Image url]

Use this , Visit Cloudinary docs for more details

when I open the link you provided, the page can’t be loaded

can you provide a sample img url from airtable?

I used the image link from cloudinary then added it in the airtable

this is one of the urls from cloudinary i added in airtable,f_auto/v1639893076/pexels-oleg-magni-2033997_cps3wl.jpg

why is the image small

change 200 in w_200 according to yor needs

Visit here for more details

thanks for your help, I have thought of something thanks to you

Mark it as solution if it helps

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