How to speed up processing data input - SQLITE

hi dear

I have a problem with mysqlite, when I enter data it takes a long time to be saved to mysqlite, is there a solution to fix the problem?

Below the block code

what are the procedures tampilSql and bersih doing?
what about using Do it to find out, which part of your logic takes the longest time?
btw. why do you need the pipe symbol | around the values?

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tampilSql is Procedure to Select Data Fom my Database

bersih is Procedure to Clear textbox

when i to insert data the socond block code I just to show notifier show progress and ** SQLITE After Query** Notifier Progress Dialog will Dismiss. that’s the point, it takes longtime to Dismiss Progress Dialog.

below the block code.

Insert another blcok code i hide

sqlite After Query

I use the pipe symbol = space

Why do you use PIPE? The insert into block doesn’t need to.

Use initialize local block ( with Insert into block ) instead of evaluate block ? How big is your table,? Do you really need to use Select * from table ?

not necessary…
and later to convert a csv table into a list of lists, use the list from csv table block


Thank’s for your suggest, i’m a beginner, i need to learn more, now i was change my blcok code batter than before.

I got that’s point. i think the bigger the table i use, the slower the data processing will be, of course it will affect the performance of low-spect systems.

correct me if that’s wrong.

below my structure table in insert table.

of course, i use select * data. below a result.

thank you so much, i’m so glad and helped for your suggest.
and now make me understand more than before.

How big is your Sqlite table?

It is not always necessary to use Select * from table.
This command returns all fields and all records in a table.

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