How to stop someone duplicating my app in one device?

I use timer to enable a button. Users dublicat my app to short that timer. (may they use parallel space type app to dublicat my app) . Is it possible to stop making dublicat app.

try to use device ID component.
if matched in one device block screen by label using firebase.

People can change it easily. Is it possible to stop duplicate my app?

Here is what I do.

I use my extension AndroidID which is unique per android install . Only way to change it is by reinstalling android and it is random. No permissions needed.

I use a combination of TinyDB and Firebase to ensure cross reference the user. If they delete and reinstall, I still know who they are even though they ever created an account or had to login.

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Can you give me your apk link.

yes @cian extension also work on same basis, please aply some mind and work with kodular components like
•Device id
•Tiny Db
•App version
combination of these you can try to solve your problem,i hope you will do it. :v::blush:

It does not work that way.

Components and extensions are built. You just need to use them in the proper way.

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Your app link please, I want to check