Unique AndroidID Extension. (No Permissions Needed!)

(Cian) #1

Introduction. My first Extension.

This extension obtains the unique AndroidID, without any permissions. Obtaining the IEMI number, or the users name can have significant privacy concerns. This extension obtains a unique value from the device, that can only be changed when the device is reset to factory defaults.

This is a great way to track individual devices, without knowing who they are, or asking for scary permissions. This helps for GDPR and other type compliance.

A use case is you want to make sure that a device does not delete your application to get circumvent various things. I use it with firebase so I can track all sorts of stats, without ever knowing who the user is, and therefore I am very privacy compliant.




Just call the GetDeviceID, and then apply the GotDeviceID(deviceid) to whatever variable you want.

Download Here

Special thanks to @Abhijith_Dominic, @yusufcihan, and @Taifun .

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(Philipp Lang) #2

nice work good job

(Abhijith) #3

Well Done!

(Yusuf Cihan) #4

Good for the first extension :+1:

PS. I realized that this extension is not obtaining IMEI. I thought as IMEI. Sorry :sweat_smile:

(Eithical Hacker) #5

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(Cian) #6

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution.

(MeteorCoder) #7

Can you create an extension so I can dislike it? Because that’s disrespectful and you’re gonna get treated the way you treat others. Don’t talk trash or you’ll be treated like trash. Great extension @cian! I don’t understand why spammers are coming here now and doing this, what’s their goal :joy:

(Sagar Niroula) #8

Its not unique my gionee x1 and my friends mi saves same id on airtable using this extension.

(Cian) #9

Can you send me the format of the ID please, the android version and model of both devices

(Sagar Niroula) #10

Both the phone gives id i.e “NRD90M” Mine is gionee x1(android version 7.0) my friends is redme note 4(android version 6.0).

(Cian) #11

That is really bizarre. That is not even the format for a AndroidID.

Here is an AIA ad the APK for an AIA . can you please run it on both devices and paste the results

blah3.aia (19.9 KB)
blah3.apk (7.5 MB)

(Sagar Niroula) #12

now its giving different it formate is 5e74fd081a288bcd

(Cian) #13

If it is not the same on both devices then I think you are writting the wrong value to Firebase in your other application.

Its the same extension, I just added a few other things. Can you paste a screen shot of the entire screen please? Those other elements may show details that can help me debug.

(Sagar Niroula) #14

i got my mistake right now it working thank you…
But i want to ask what id is this?

(Cian) #15

What do you mean “is this”

The NRD70M or the value 5e74fd081a288bcd?

(Sagar Niroula) #16

5e74fd081a288bcd this one?

(Cian) #17

That is the AndroidID

Is it different between the devices?

(Sagar Niroula) #18

yes it is different in both the device

(Cian) #19

Good. That is the AndroidID.

It is unique to all devices and is only changed when there is a factory reset.

(Sagar Niroula) #20

Isnt this possible using any blocks from device tool component?